Matching tourists
with authentic artisans
in a destination.

Download Tuzmo and discover
culture, arts, and traditions
like never before.

Tuzmo is all about embracing a vibrant tapestry of experiences, while staying committed to sustainability, promoting authentic interactions with local cultures, and empowering artisans.

At Tuzmo, we believe in responsible travel that leaves a positive impact on the world.

At Tuzmo, we’re on a mission to bridge the gap between travelers and master artisans around the world.

We are dedicated to curating cultural finds and playing a role in preserving cultural heritage through empowering authentic artisans and their age-old traditions that are the very essence of civilization.

A Journey Beyond Tourism

Tuzmo addresses critical global issues such as environmental sustainability by promoting eco-friendly travel, cultural preservation through authentic local interactions, and economic empowerment of artisans. Our platform is dedicated to addressing these challenges while providing enriching travel experiences that benefit communities and the planet.

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