Tuzmo is an app that connects tourists, travelers, and home-shoppers with authentic craftspersons in a destination. It takes the pain out of finding true artisanal crafts to bring back from your travels.

Our careful curation and marketplace review process ensures the high quality and authenticity of the crafts. The end result: you do not purchase a common souvenir but rather a masterpiece reflecting thousands of hours of training and practice.

Tuzmo empowers true artisans to sell directly to a more global customer community. It shifts the economic benefit for arts and crafts from traders and retailers to the craftmakers.

Features that you’ll love!

Easy sign-up process

Choose whether you want to sign up as an artisanal craft buyer or seller. Then use your email, Google, Apple, or Facebook ID to sign up. Signing up is completely free and only takes a couple of minutes.

Find Master Artisans Near You

You can locate master artisans near you, wherever you are in the world. Discover the story of their legacy, heritage, and traditions and meet the craftmaker in person — all through the Tuzmo app.

Discover One-Of-A-Kind Crafts

Easily explore our categories to find the perfect cultural keepsake for you. You will find crafts ranging from ceramics, glass crafts, woodwork, leather art, and fiber art, to jewelry, calligraphy, and much more. All authentic masterpieces made by generational artisans.

Purchase Authentic Crafts Directly From The Artisan

We have eliminated all middlepersons, so you interact with and purchase from the artisans directly. Empower the artisans of the world and preserve local cultures by supporting Tuzmo.

Explore new cultural destinations

Find out about the artisanal crafts and traditions of new places. Then easily browse through our curated directory of crafts and master craftspersons from that destination to find the perfect keepsake.

Collaborating for empowerment

Collaborating with Tuzmo is a seamless process; simply reach out to their dedicated partnership team via their website or contact information to initiate discussions about potential collaborations. Tuzmo values creative partnerships and is open to exploring various opportunities to mutually benefit both parties.

Supporting fairtrade

Tuzmo proudly upholds fairtrade principles, ensuring that every product in its diverse range is sourced responsibly and ethically. By partnering with fairtrade producers and emphasizing transparency in its supply chain, Tuzmo actively contributes to the promotion of fair and equitable trade practices.

Partner with us

Tuzmo is open to partnering with a wide range of individuals and organizations, including suppliers, retailers, distributors, non-profit organizations, and other businesses. We are interested in fostering collaborations that align with their mission and values, particularly those related to promoting fairtrade practices, ethical sourcing, and sustainability. If you have a proposal or idea for a partnership that aligns with these principles, it’s worth reaching out to Tuzmo to discuss potential opportunities.