Tuzmo’s Privacy Policy 

At Tuzmo, we highly value privacy and your right to know how we treat your personal information. This privacy policy explains our privacy practices for the Tuzmo Platform. 

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Personal Information Collected or Received 2

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  1. The Privacy Policy

We use your information to operate the Tuzmo Platform and provide personalized experiences to our Artisan Sellers and customers. By accepting our Terms of Use, you confirm that you have read and understood this Privacy Policy and are aware of why and how we use your information. Do not use the Tuzmo Platform if you don’t want us to collect and process your information the way we have described in this policy. Tuzmo is not responsible for the privacy policies of third-party apps and websites. 

Our Terms of Use require that all users be at least 18 years of age. If you are under 18, and at least 13 years of age, you can only use the Tuzmo Platform with permission from and under direct supervision of a parent or guardian who owns the Tuzmo Account. You are responsible for any activity conducted by a minor on your account, so you might consider limiting access to it. Tuzmo does not knowingly “sell” (as defined under applicable law and the California Consumer Privacy Act)the personal information of minors. 

By using the Tuzmo Platform, you accept that Tuzmo will use this information in any country that Tuzmo operates, as long as it is permissible by law to do so. The privacy laws and practices, and the rights of authorities to access your personal information, may be different in other countries from the ones for your country of residence. 

  1. Personal Information Collected or Received

We collect or receive your personal information in a few different ways. You provide us some information directly when registering on the Tuzmo Platform and creating your Tuzmo Account; and we get some information indirectly based on your activity on and use of the Tuzmo Platform, from the device you use to access the Tuzmo Platform, from our vendors and suppliers that provide the payment processing service, etc., and from our third-party marketing and advertising partners. We may require some information to allow you to use the Tuzmo Platform but you can choose to provide us with other information. 

You may choose to provide information to a third party on the Tuzmo Platform. For instance, when you add your debit or credit card information, or link your bank account or PayPal account to pay for purchases (or receive payments in the case of Artisan Sellers)through a third-party service available on the Tuzmo Platform. Tuzmo does not have a direct relationship with these parties. The way they collect and process information is subject to their own privacy policies, which you should understand before sharing information with them. 

We collect or receive these information in these ways:

  1. Registration, account setup, and using the Platform

We need you to submit a valid email address to register for the Tuzmo Platform. You also need to provide us a name to associate with your account, which you can change later in your account settings. Additional information such as your phone number, studio name, studio address, profile photo, billing and payment information (such as the account name, account number, debit/credit card information,  billing address), location, may be necessary for you to be able to use a certain service on the Tuzmo Platform. For example, if you are an Artisan Seller, we need your profile photo, phone number, studio name and address so customers can reach you when they choose to pick up their purchased craft in person. As a customer, we may need your address to deliver your purchases to you. We need your billing information to allow you to make purchases on the Tuzmo Platform or withdraw your Sales Proceeds. We may need some information to prevent fraud and abuse,  in order to verify ownership of the account, and to meet legal and regulatory requirements. 

  1. Profile and account settings

We need a name to associate with your account, which is publicly displayed and connected to your activity on the Tuzmo Platform. This can be your legal name or any other name that you choose. Other platform users will be able to see it when you chat with them, leave reviews, place an order, or on the Artisan Profile and Crafts you list for sale if you are an Artisan Seller. In case of Artisan Sellers, we may also collect and use information about you in our marketing and advertising efforts on and off the Platform. As a customer, we may need your location information to show you the Artisan Sellers near your current location. 

  1. Automated information collection

Tuzmo also automatically receives and records information from the device on which you use the app, such as data on which Categories you browsed, which Crafts you viewed, and which Destinations you navigate. We may combine this information with other data we or our marketing and advertising partners collect about you, across devices. We use this information to make the Platform secure, to analyze how users are interacting with different features of the Platform, and to provide you a smooth and personalized experience on and off the Platform. 

We also automatically collect information about the device on which you install, access, and/or use our Platform. This may include the hardware model, operating system information, device identifier, debugging information, crash reports, and Platform usage data. 

  1. Data from Tuzmo’s third-party vendors

Tuzmo receives information about you from our third-party vendors. This may include payment information, package tracking, and Craft delivery status information.

  1. Data from marketing and advertising partners

We receive attribution information from our marketing and advertising partners, using which we know if you arrived on the Tuzmo Platform through one of our marketing and advertising campaigns or an affiliate. We also receive information about your responses to and interactions with these campaigns as well as data from partners to whom you have given consent to share your information.

  1. Location information

We record and use your location information for advertising, localizing and personalizing features of the Platform, for analytics, and to protect the Tuzmo Platform. If you are an Artisan Seller, we may use your address to help customers reach you for in-person Craft pickups. We also use this information to show your proximity to the customer on our marketplace map and help manage returns of your Crafts. If you are a buyer, we require your address information to organize deliveries of Crafts, for localisation of Craft offerings, mapping Artisan Sellers near you, providing you personalized recommendations, and marketing the Platform and its Crafts to you. Certain non-precise location information also helps us meet regional legal and regulatory requirements and security needs, so it is critical for the Platform to function. 

You can give us consent to record your geolocation details through your device, such as getting precise location information from GPS, nearby wireless networks, or cellphone towers. You can always withdraw this consent by changing the settings on your device. We only share your geolocation details with third parties when necessary, such as for payment processing or arranging delivery of Crafts.

  1. Access to camera, microphone, and storage folders

You may choose to allow access to your camera and microphone to record photos and videos for the Tuzmo Platform. We would need access to your storage folders if you wish to upload media to the Platform. 

  1. Data analytics 

Tuzmo gathers some information to ensure the proper functioning of the Platform and to gain insights for improvement. This includes frequency of usage of the Platform, activity on the Platform, performance data, debugging information, crash reports, aggregated usage, and from where users arrived on the Platform. These data analytics are not linked to personally identifiable information in your account. 

  1. Connecting to Tuzmo through third-party applications

You may choose to sign up for and log into the Tuzmo Platform through a third-party application or service like your Gmail account, Facebook account, or Apple ID. This is optional, and is subject to the terms of use and privacy policy of that application or service. Tuzmo may also receive some information from the application or service. If you block our messages through the third party application, or forward it to another email address, we may be unable to send you critical messages related to your account. As a result, we may suspend or terminate your account.

You may also connect your Tuzmo account to your social media accounts and choose to share some of your activity on Tuzmo on those accounts. We may use that information to connect with you on social media. You can disconnect your social media accounts from the Tuzmo Platform at any time through your account settings or on the respective social media platform. 

  1. Non-Member information

We may receive information about a person who has not yet created an account on Tuzmo when they use some Tuzmo features, like subscribe to our newsletter, or browse the Platform as a guest. This information is only used in connection with the purpose for which it was provided to Tuzmo, for purposes necessary for the functioning of the Platform, where Tuzmo has a legitimate interest, or to help with an action authorized by the non-member. 

  1. Emails and Notifications from Tuzmo

Tuzmo may send you emails as well as in-app and push notifications on occasion. These may include service-related messages, customer chats, reminders, Platform updates, transaction notifications, security, maintenance, and warning notices, order information, promotions, and marketing messages. 

Tuzmo sends some messages that are necessary for all users. For instance, the email verification email to confirm your account when signing up for the platform. You agree to receive non-marketing messages from Tuzmo related to your account, orders, transactions, customer messages, security, Platform updates, and customer service.

If you no longer wish to receive any optional marketing or promotional messages, you can disable them in your Tuzmo account settings. You can also opt out of marketing messages by clicking the unsubscribe link in the marketing emails you receive. Please note that some of these changes take a few days to take effect.

We will need some information about you and your device to be able to send you messages, like the operating system used on the device and your email address. You will also need to enable notifications for the Tuzmo app on your device. Tuzmo Admin or customers may also call you to confirm order details, your address, availability, or transaction details; and for customer support, feedback, or addressing security concerns. You can update your phone number in your Tuzmo account settings. The email address  associated with your account cannot be changed. 

  1. Usage of Information, Sharing, and Disclosure

Tuzmo will not disclose your name, email, or personal information to third parties without your consent, except as mentioned in this policy. We, our third-party vendors, and our affiliates may advertise the Tuzmo Platform and our Artisan Sellers off the Platform. We rely on your consent to do so. 

  1. Legal bases

When you sign up for, access, and use the Tuzmo Platform, we collect, process, use, and share your personal information for the reasons outlined above. These are the legal bases for using the information in these ways:

  1. It is necessary to use the information to  comply with our Terms of Use and for the Platform to function; 

  2. You have consented to the use of information in this manner and can withdraw this consent at any time;

  3. It is mandatory for complying with legal or regulatory obligations;

  4. It is needed to serve Tuzmo or a third party’s – other users, guest visitors, partners – legitimate interests as detailed below;

  5. You have made the information public yourself;

  6. It is necessary for the public’s best interest; and

  7. It is required for protecting your vital interests. 

We usually ask for your consent to

  1. Send marketing or promotional messages;

  2. Get your geolocation information for localized content and recommendations.

Tuzmo combines first-party information on your behavior on and interaction with the Platform, such as your browsing history and past purchases, with the information you provide us and that which our advertising and marketing partners have collected about you to provide you a personalized experience on the Platform. We may also use this information to send you more tailored marketing messages through our direct marketing channels like email and our off-site marketing partners. 

  1. Legitimate Interests

We process your information in the following ways on the basis of legitimate interests:

  1. Managing and improving the Platform: we use your information to understand how the Platform is being used, customize the on-Platform experience for our users, help our Artisan Sellers find the best ways to make sales, and improve our Platform. 

  2. Sending marketing messages with your express content: This may include discount offers, personalized promotions, and other advertising messages. 

  3. Keeping the Tuzmo Platform safe and secure: We use your information to ensure the safety of our Platform, for identification and authentication; to prevent harm to our users, crime, damage to our Platform and systems; and to enforce our legal rights, those of our users, and partners. This includes creating safeguards against spam, harassment, hate speech, fraud, infringement of intellectual property rights, crime, and other digital and offline security risks. 

  4. Facilitate online transactions: As a marketplace, Tuzmo facilitates the exchange of information between the two parties in a transaction, including their phone numbers, the customer’s delivery address, the Artisan Seller’s address for pick up, the payment status, and the delivery status. This also involves sharing your information with third parties such as delivery services to facilitate the delivery of the Craft and payment processing services to process the transaction. These parties are bound by their own privacy policies. We expect you to respect the privacy of the Tuzmo member whose information you have received. You can only use this information for Tuzmo-related communications and Tuzmo-facilitated transactions. You are not licensed to use the information for transactions off the Tuzmo platform and for sending any commercial messages. 

  5. Platform personalization: We use information about the Crafts you are interested in, your browsing behavior, your location (if allowed), and purchase history to suggest potential Crafts and Artisan Sellers to you. We have a legitimate interest in helping you search for and discover Crafts that might interest you and also use this information to help Artisan Sellers discover the best ways to make sales on the Tuzmo Platform. 

  6. Legal and regulatory requirements: Tuzmo may retain, preserve, or share your personal information with a third party in restricted circumstances upon receiving a lawful and verified request. This may include in response to lawful requests by public authorities to meet law enforcement and national security concerns; to safeguard, establish, and enforce our legal rights and protect against legal claims; to comply with a subpoena, court order, legal process, regulation, or other legal requirement; or when we have reasonable cause to believe that such disclosure is necessary to comply with applicable laws, prevent imminent physical or financial harm, or investigate, prevent, or take action against illegal activities, suspected fraud, threats to Tuzmo’s rights and Platform, or violation of our Terms of Use. For instance, we may release this information on receipt of a court order for a case investigating tax fraud. 

  7. Aggregated Information: De-personalized and aggregated information may be shared with business partners to make strategic decisions. However, this information cannot be traced back to you.

  8. Business restructuring: Tuzmo may choose to buy or sell part or all of its business. Such transactions may be necessary and in our legitimate interests, particularly to help the business grow over the long term. In such transactions, be it a sale, merger, acquisition, receivership, liquidation, or transfer of almost all of Tuzmo’s assets, member information is one of the business assets that is transferred. Before this happens, we will notify you either personally or by publicly posting a notice so you can opt out before your information becomes subject to the new entity’s privacy policy. 

  1. Transferring Information

Tuzmo operates globally, so we need to transfer your information to different countries for you to be able to use the Platform all over the world and for other reasons outlined in this Privacy Policy. If you do not wish to allow this, you can choose to not use the Tuzmo Platform. 

All countries have different laws that protect personal information. When your information is moved to another country, it is governed by the laws and regulations of that country; rather than your country of residence.  For instance, the circumstances under which law enforcement agencies can access information differ in the US as compared to the EU. 

  1. Security of Personal Information

Tuzmo is committed to protecting your personal information. We follow generally accepted industry principles to protect your personal information when you submit it, when it is transmitted, and after it is received. Unfortunately, no means of transmission or electronic storage is 100% secure so we cannot guarantee the absolute security of the information. 

Your Tuzmo Account is protected by a password. You must protect your account and information against unauthorized access by choosing a strong password that you have not used elsewhere and keeping your device and password secure. 

  1. Retention of Personal Information

We retain your information for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the Terms of Use as well as the terms of the Privacy Policy. If you no longer wish for us to use your information for the purposes outlined above, you can give us notice, as per our Terms of Use, and close your account. Tuzmo will retain your information for as long as needed to comply with our legal obligations (e.g. tax obligations), resolve disputes, enforce our Terms of Use, and otherwise described in this policy. Artisan Sellers may also retain the information of their customers to comply with their legal obligations. We also retain log files for internal use. These are generally kept for short periods of time unless they are needed for the Platform’s safety and security, to improve its functionality, or we are obligated by law to retain them for longer. 

  1. Your Rights and Choices

Laws like the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) give you certain rights and choices with regard to your information. In line with those laws, Tuzmo gives you the right to access, edit, or remove certain information, as well as choices about how we can contact you. You can change or correct all your personal information, with the exception of your email address, in your Tuzmo Account’s settings. You can also request that we permanently close your account and delete your information. Depending on your location, you may have the following rights to your information. Some of these rights apply generally but some apply in limited cases. 

  1. Right to access and get a copy: You can access your personal information in your Tuzmo Account’s settings. You can also request us to share the personal information we have for you and tell you how it is used. 

  2. Right to correction: You can correct your personal information in your Tuzmo Account’s settings. You can also request that we fix inaccurate information about you.

  3. Right to restrict processing: In certain cases, you can request that we restrict or limit the ways we process your information.

  4. Right to deletion: You can request that we delete your information in certain cases, except situations in which we are required to retain the information by law, regulation, or to protect, safeguard, and maintain the integrity of Tuzmo. 

  5. Right to object: In certain situations, you can object to the way we process your information. We will stop using it unless we have legitimate reasons for doing so. If we use your information for direct marketing, you can unsubscribe from such communications. 

  6. Right to withdraw consent: You can withdraw your consent to process your information in certain cases for which you had previously consented to its use. For instance, you can unsubscribe to discount email notifications. Similarly, if you enable your location to find Artisan Sellers near you, you can later disable this permission through your device’s settings. 

California residents have a few additional rights with respect to their personal information. Please email us at safety@tuzmo.com to find out more. 

You can manage the usage of your personal information by changing your Tuzmo Account settings or you can get in touch with us through the Customer Support option on the Platform or you can email us at safety@tuzmo.com to exercise any of the rights mentioned above. Once we receive this communication, we will confirm receipt of the request and respond within a reasonable timeframe. We may need to verify your identity, using government-issued or other identification. If we are unable to verify your identity, we will not be able to proceed with your request.

Restricting the use of or deleting your personal information may impact the functionality and features of the Tuzmo Platform. However, we will comply with your request to the extent possible and will not discriminate against you on the Platform. 

  1. Your Responsibilities

If you sell Crafts using the Tuzmo Platform, your privacy responsibilities are laid out in the Terms of Use for Artisan Sellers. You must comply with those terms in your collection and usage of customers’ personal information.

  1. Modifications in the Privacy Policy

We may make changes in this privacy policy from time to time. If we believe the changes to be material, we will (a) send you a message about the changes; (b) add the changes to the version notes on Google Play or the App Store; or (c ) post the changes on our Platform or website. You should check back regularly for updates. 

  1. Contact

If you have questions about our Privacy Policy or the security of your personal information, email us at safety@tuzmo.com. Or write to us at this address:

9841 Washingtonian Blvd, 

Suite 200, Gaithersburg, 

MD 20878, USA 

  1. Glossary

"Artisan Seller Account" means the tools made available by Tuzmo to individuals or businesses to sell Crafts, as well as manage orders, inventory, and their presence on the Tuzmo Platform, such as their personal profile, contact information, address, studio, listed crafts, and seller dashboard on the Tuzmo Platform.

“Crafts” are handmade, unique, and high quality items made by expert/master craftspersons practicing authentic folksy or traditional skills who have learned from their families or apprenticed with master artisans.

“Tuzmo Account” is your registered profile on the Tuzmo Platform as a seller or buyer of Crafts.