Tuzmo Featured as Case Study Subject for Class at Leeds School of Business

Tuzmo is honored to have been featured as a case study subject for the Fall 2023 CESR4005 class at University of Colorado Boulder- Leeds School of Business. The class was led by the esteemed Dr Stacey Edgar who facilitated this partnership.

A group of 6 students had the opportunity to speak to the Tuzmo team and conduct market research in order to apply their academic knowledge to evaluating emerging startups like Tuzmo. The student group included Sydney Zirbel, Alexandra Catterson, Bianca Rubini-Tapernoux, Riley Keefe, Aidan Folger, Bridget Lopes and Kari Ann Kilkenney.

Over the semester, the student team conducted in-depth research and analysis on Tuzmo, providing strategic recommendations around areas like market expansion, partnerships, and PR strategy. They produced an outstanding final report and presented their findings in an engaging and impressive final presentation. Their insights and reports will be incorporated in Tuzmo’s future mission as we scale our mission of connecting travelers and artisans worldwide.

The students also got the opportunity to look into the world of a startup and interact with members from the various teams to see the working of departments including digital marketing, strategy, and product development. Tuzmo aims to continually engage with academia to enable critical thinking and facilitate research into real-world case studies.

Congratulations to Dr. Edgar and her Fall 2023 class on this impressive capstone project!